Building Thinking Skills with Mrs. Jones

3rd Grade: 2nd Quarter


Lesson 1: KWL Survey about Geography

Click HERE to tell me what you already know about maps and globes
When you and your partner have completed the survey, you may play this map game, click HERE to play. 

Lesson 2: Exploring Earth and Space

Click HERE for the kids home page of the European Space Agency.   Click once on Lab, Fun and News. 
Then, go to
Google Earth
from Start & Programs and type your home address from the search box to see an aerial view of your home taken with a satelite from space.

Lesson 3: Landforms Word Cloud

Using as many vocabulary words from your landforms unit, type them into this link HERE to create it.

Lesson 4: My Digital Autobiography

Click HERE to download a Powerpoint to edit about you.   Click Save when prompted.

Lesson 4: Webquest-Exploring Google Earth

1. Read all these directions before clicking on any links.
2. For this project, you and your laptop partner will explore the many "layers" of Google Earth.  Follow the link HERE to begin (but keeping reading so you know what to do once you get there).
3. A webquest is an inquiry-based online learning activity.  A webquest is an assignment that you, students, to use the World Wide Web to learn about information and/or synthesize your knowledge about a topic. 
4. Google Earth is a virtual globe of the planet Earth...but it's way better than a globe because it contains different layers or views.
5. A landmark is a place with historical significance or will be virtually visiting 7 or 8 of them on this Webquest.
6. As you read and follow the directions for this Webquest, please try to figure out what to do *with* your partner.  If you and your partner still don't know, please ask your buddy partnership at your table....between the four of you, you'll probably be able to figure it.  If you still don't know, your entire group needs to raise their hand....I will only help a team of partners after I know you have attempted to help yourselves and your partners.   ***THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT***